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Handtruck Heater

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Brand Rinnai
Product code GAS2
Keywords Gas Heater, Outdoor, Portable
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Spread warmth over large spaces-The Rinnai Super Ray radiant heater provides effective heating over a wide area. Smartly crafted so that the heat is directly channeled exactly where you want it.

This double burner heater generates infra-red rays which transmit the heat energy and dissipate the heat upon striking a surface.

This gas efficient heater slots straight onto a Handtruck Trolley which we provide. This allows for easy movement around the space you are heating whether it is a rugged road or a studio space.

Handtruck Heater comes with:

  • Rinnai Super Ray Heater
  • Handtruck Trolley
  • Full Gas Bottle with Regulator Hose



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